Team 360 Degree Feedback

As a Manager of a team of people or as a Consultant responsible for developing teams within an organisation, it’s likely you have arrived here seeking to kick start your learning and development programme with 360 degree feedback.


You can be sure that our best practice 360 feedback tool asks the RIGHT questions in the RIGHT way! For years we’ve been providing 360 feedback to some of the most well-known brands and charities in the world and now we’re able to share our expertise with you.


By working closely with our PhD Psychology colleagues, we’ve also covered “the science bit”, combining  comprehensive research with our years of field-based best practice to distill the most sucessful behavioural attributes into a unique template.  We’ve even considered the latest thinking about behaviour and feedback from leading companies such as Microsoft and Google.


We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to! For an effortless, ready-to-go solution, our best practice Team 360 questionnaire and report option sets the standard.


And be assured that if the rest of your Organisation likes your Team 360 feedback  report, its really easy to expand your account to an Organisation wide, fully customisable application.

How does it work?

Step 1

Register here for a Team account. If you’re not sure if you would benefit most from a Team account or an Organisation account, then get in touch. We provide a free consultation and best practice guidance to support you in creating your ideal 360 feedback programme.

Step 2

Enter the name and email details of those team members you wish to participate in the 360 degree feedback programme and then send the automated email invitations. The tool does everything else for you. Your candidates will be invited to set up and manage their own 360 degree feedback process and you can monitor progress and completions in your Team dashboard. Once the required number of completions have been received, each candidate report can be generated and downloaded.

Step 3

Maximise Team feedback. We offer free online guidance on how to best understand as well as de-brief individual 360 reports and how individuals can make an action plan for their personal development.

Utilise the whole group report to identify the main strengths and development areas for your team as a whole, providing insight for training needs and team development

What do you get?

All the features of the Free 360 degree feedback account, plus…

Use of the Utegra best practice leadership 360 questionnaire and report for your whole team.

Unlimited time access to the Team 360 degree feedback tool.

Projects Dashboard features where you can name each project and monitor all candidates activity and progress.

You will be able to invite candidates to set up and manage their own 360 as well as send them reminders.

Pre-paid credits for only for the number of candidates you require.

Team report – whole team report for insight into team strengths and development.

Distance Travelled reporting for repeat 360’s

Online guidance and support

Easily upgradeable to a multi-project, fully customisable Organisation 360 account option

Your team benefits from the best practice Utegra 360 degree feedback tool and whole Team report, plus you have the ability from your project dashboard to effortlessly administer your team or group 360 projects.

What makes Utegra 360 Feedback special?

The biggest difference in any company is its people.  And so we always put you and your people at the heart of what we do. As a result, we feel personally invested in meeting your desired outcomes, striving to support you and your people to learn, develop and achieve your goals.


Big brand expertise with small company style consideration of individual’s needs. We make the whole process simple by providing super-easy people development software that you’ll love

We ask the right questions

We ask the right questions! Formulated in conjunction with our PhD Psychology colleagues, we have combined their research with years of field-based best practice with our clients, to create a unique template for those who want an effortless solution. Our best practice, behavioural questionnaire and report option sets the standard. We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to.


Our Team option sets a new industry standard 360 degree feedback tool that delivers unique value for money.

Don’t just take our word for it, our customers say it best...

Plans and pricing

Individual 360 - Free

You are able to easily upgrade your account to a Team account if you want your whole team to benefit from the best practice 360 feedback tool.



Team 360

You can easily upgrade your account to an Organisation account if you want your whole organisation to benefit from the best practice 360 degree feedback tool.

£20 + VAT per report

Organisation 360 Tools and Services

The Organisation 360 puts you firmly in control by giving you full Admin control and a dashboard from where you can effortlessly manage all your organisation-wide 360 degree projects.

From £650 + VAT
Please contact us for specific proposal

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