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Organisation 360 Degree Feedback for People Professionals

As an L&D or HR professional or Consultant it’s likely you have arrived here seeking to enhance your learning and development programme with 360 degree feedback. You can be sure that our Organisation 360 feedback tool gives you full flexibility to meet all of your organisation’s requirements.

You have options to use our ready to go Best practice Utegra 360 degree behaviours template, edit or add your own branding and questions to this template or you can fully design your own questionnaire to match your company brand, attributes, competencies or values.

If you’d like help in developing your own 360 degree feedback questionnaire our seasoned, pragmatic and friendly experts are always happy to advise and guide you, adding value beyond the technology to ensure a complete fit with all aspects of your learning and development programme.

The Organisation 360 puts you firmly in control of this easy to use system by giving you full Admin control and a dashboard from where you can effortlessly manage all your organisation-wide 360 degree projects. If you’ve previously used our Individual or Team accounts, upgrading to the Organisation level retains all previous projects in the new Admin dashboard.

You can also choose a fully custom tool with your organisation brand, logo,  theme and your own domain name URL.

How does it work?

Step 1

Get in touch. We believe we are the most cost-effective provider so please contact us to discuss your needs. We provide a FREE half-day consultation and best practice guidance to support you in creating your ideal 360-degree feedback programme.. We are able to add value to your questionnaire and report content, timetable planning and management information.

Step 2

Set up and launch. Together we will set up, test and deploy your chosen solution in a way which fits with your own internal processes and an agreed roll-out timetable. We provide full hand holding and support through our dedicated technical and account management team, assuring you of complete peace of mind.

Step 3

Maximise your feedback. We are able to offer guidance on how to best debrief your 360 report. This might include how to coach individuals to play to their strengths and transform their contribution to your organisation. We also offer the option of professional coaching services with our accredited coaching colleagues if you or any of your team would benefit from this.

Step 4

Review and establish value. We know it’s important to provide insight to your senior leadership team. We will help you demonstrate impact and return on investment, from your 360 feedback and talent development programmes as a whole.

What do you get?

All the features of Team 360, plus:

Ability to apply your own organisation branding.

Create your own questionnaires or edit our best practice template for your ideal approach.

Option to select from multiple different 360 degree feedback questionnaires if required.

Reports which automatically track questionnaire design.

Manage the 360 degree feedback project at individual, job role or project level.

Unlimited time access to the Organisation 360 degree feedback tool.

Full administration of all users – effortlessly administer your whole organisation’s user details.

Projects Dashboard – you can give each project a unique name and monitor progress.

Option to invite individuals to self-register and undertake 360 degree feedback at they may require.

Extended reporting – whole team or organisation level reporting for insight into organisational strengths and development.

Utegra team online support for all system users.

What makes Utegra 360 Feedback special?

The biggest difference in any company is its people.  And so we always put you and your people at the heart of what we do. As a result, we feel personally invested in meeting your desired outcomes, striving to support you and your people to learn, develop and achieve your goals.


Big brand expertise with small company style attentiveness. We make things easy, offering personal support from both a dedicated account and technical support manager.


Flexibility to suit YOUR requirements. We offer a best practice ready to go template solution to make implementation super easy, through to a full custom option; you can as you wish tailor everything to fit your values, culture, learning and development programme and internal process. You can also opt for your own self-administered solution or use us to provide a managed service.

We ask the right questions

Formulated in conjunction with our PhD Psychology colleagues, we have combined their research with years of field-based best practice with our clients, to create a unique template for those who want an effortless solution. Our best practice, behavioural questionnaire and report option sets the standard. We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Super easy to use

Our clients tell us we are the most flexible 360 degree feedback tool or service they have used. And we will support you shoulder to shoulder every step of the way.

Distance travelled reporting

Our reporting shows the distance travelled pre and post learning and development, and provides deep Insight into the organisation’s future development needs.


This enterprise level solution delivers outstanding value for money. Plus, our expert consultation provides a significant value-add and assurance that you have the most effective solution for your organisation.

Don’t just take our word for it, our customers say it best...

Plans and pricing

Individual 360 - Free

You are able to easily upgrade your account to a Team account if you want your whole team to benefit from the best practice 360 feedback tool.


Team 360

You can easily upgrade your account to an Organisation account if you want your whole organisation to benefit from the best practice 360 degree feedback tool.

£20 + VAT per report


Organisation 360 Tool

The Organisation 360 puts you firmly in control by giving you full Admin control and a dashboard from where you can effortlessly manage all your organisation-wide 360 degree projects.

From £650 + VAT
Please contact us for specific proposal