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At Utegra we believe everyone should be able to learn, develop and perform professionally, at any stage of their career. This is why we’ve made our best-practice 360º feedback tools and services super easy to use and affordable for people at all levels.

So, if you’re a learning and development or people leader looking to develop the culture and growth mindset in your organisation, a manager wanting to develop your team or an individual seeking to develop your own career, we’ve got something for you.

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Individual 360°

If you are an individual, keen to develop and progress your leadership career, you can now use our FREE Utegra © 360 degree feedback tool to gain feedback from your colleagues.
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Team 360°
£20 + VAT per report

As a Manager of a team of people or as a Consultant responsible for developing teams within an organisation you can be sure that our Team 360 degree feedback will work for you.
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Organisation 360°
From £650 + VAT

As a Learning and Development or HR professional, or as a Consultant, you can be sure that our Organisation 360 degree feedback tool gives you full custom flexibility to meet all of your organisation’s requirements.
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Managed Service 360°
From £650 + VAT per project

We provide a fully managed custom service from questionnaire creation to reporting de-brief, we can do it all for you.
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Start your FREE Utegra Individual 360 today to gain valuable feedback from your colleagues.

Super-easy 360 degree feedback tools and services that you’ll love

Utegra provides an easy way to implement your 360 degree feedback project, allowing you to make  a big impact on your peoples’ learning and their development – with all the tools and services you need to support you, 360 Degree Feedback has never been so easy and so affordable.

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