Why use 360 Degree Feedback for Leadership Development?

How 360 Degree Feedback can boost Leadership Development in your Company

Using 360 degree feedback for leadership development can be invaluable in supporting and sustaining leaders as they progress in their careers. A 360 review process provides tools and understanding that allow organisations to manage the development of their leaders better, which is critical to achieving and sustaining success. To learn more about implementing 360 degree feedback read our article Top 10 Tips for Effective 360 Feedback Projects.


Developing leaders’ behaviours, skills and competencies will indirectly but decidedly lead to an increase in company performance and profitability, so it is essential that leaders get feedback from those with whom they come into contact regularly. Staff, clients and stakeholders can be effective sources of insight that make the difference between leaders being extraordinary instead of just plain ordinary.


As a part of the 360 feedback process, it is important to identify leadership behaviours that fit into the culture of the organisation as these behaviours will be crucial in driving the strategy and vision of an organisation forward. The use of 360 feedback to measure your leadership team against these behaviours can create a powerful and constructive set of insights as to where the leaders of your organisation are adding value and where there are development areas. You can also take guidance from our best-practice behaviour template developed with PhD Psychology research. We will often provide free consultancy to support you to develop your own positive behavioural questionnaire of behaviours.


Where organisations are focused on building a culture of upward momentum, the application of 360 degree feedback for leadership development can help leaders focus on achieving their full potential. By gathering feedback from a range of stakeholders, 360 feedback helps leaders to understand how they are seen by those around them in and out of the organisation. This helps them gain clarity on how their behaviour affects those at work and to understand where they need to focus time and effort on developing their leadership skills.


A leadership team’s positive experience with the process can have a ripple effect on other employees in the organisation as they see success being achieved because of the actions that result from the process. It is therefore important to understand the use of 360 degree feedback for leadership development should not be a one-time event, but part of a comprehensive leadership development programme.


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