Hybrid Working – our response and how we can help you

Being an online business hybrid working is a lot easier for us than for many of our customers: we already frequently work from home, we are used to meeting via videoconferencing and we have strong support systems in place. Many of our customers are looking to find ways of working more effectively either remotely, from home or in a hybrid way. Two ways we can help:


  1. This week, a poll of HR leaders (HR Magazine webinar “Unlocking hidden opportunities”13th September) found that 54% thought that Motivation in their organisations had decreased, with 23% staying the same and 23% increased. So, it’s clear that this new way of hybrid working is going to be both an opportunity and a challenge. HR leaders identified that one of the key drivers to improve motivation is to change the annual appraisal so that feedback sessions take place at least 4 times per annum with an exchange of feedback between manager and individual and that the aim should be to look at development opportunities and coaching. And developing coaching beyond just the manager to the many, will change the organisation. If you would like support or advice on how to deliver best-practice online Review and Development tools to support this, then please get in touch and we will be pleased to help.
  2. For many, 360 feedback is a vital tool in any training and development programme as it can be easily used by employees who are working from home and feedback sessions can be delivered by videoconferencing. If you would like any support or advice on how to deliver 360 feedback effectively using online tools, then please get in touch and we will pleased to help.

Please feel free to get in touch for advice or support about how to best use these online tools to support hybrid working.

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