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Welcome to Utegra - formerly SurveyShack.

SurveyShack puts a team of design consultants, project delivery managers, data analysts, report writers, and developers at your disposal.

  • Would you like the tools to do it all yourself? Take a look at the ‘Online Survey Software’ page
  • Do you need an expert team to help you with some or all of your survey feedback project? Check out the ‘Managed Survey Services’ section below
  • Do you need a fast way of communicating the results of a survey which you run regularly, in a creative and insightful format? Our ‘Reportal’ solutions make light work of administering and reporting on even the most complex survey feedback projects

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Online Survey Software

All your Feedback Needs Catered for in One Amazing Online Tool. We are proud resellers of the global market leader in online feedback tools; Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo).
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Managed Survey Services

Tell us what you need, relax, and leave it to the experts! Our team can pick up your project entirely, or from any stage of the project that you may need them to.
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