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Training Consultancy Collaborates with our team to Undertake Winning 360 Assessments

Capable, efficient 360 assessment delivery team allows the consultant to focus on maximising the benefit for their client.

DMM Training and Development is an independent consultancy working closely with a cross section of individuals including Managing Directors, CEO’s, Senior and Middle management and Junior team members. The training provided by DMM is practical and down to earth and is about ‘enabling’, ‘doing’, meaning it is not just about knowing how to do something, but more about putting that knowledge into practice. The objective is to replace old non-productive habits with some new exciting and fulfilling ones and then providing practical techniques and support to develop and maintain those new skills.

The Challenge

DMM asked us to create a 360 questionnaire that allowed delegates who attended one of their programmes to gain a panoramic view of their colleagues’ perceptions of their management and leadership abilities.

“We often think we are doing something in a certain way, but the perception of others can be a very different story. Until we understand and appreciate those perceptions it is practically impossible to start making changes. The 360 results creates, albeit sometimes difficult reading, a basis on which to start developing and changing.” –  Diane Moisley-Mason  – DMM Training and Development

The Solution

DMM had very specific ideas on the look and feel of the questionnaire and a clear goal for the final report.

They chose us due to their efficiency and diligence in the consultation phase. The first step was the allocation of a dedicated account manager to oversee the project. DMM’s main objective was to create and follow a sleek, effective and efficient process. This was achieved through regular, open communication with the account manager and a strong working relationship quickly developed. DMM wanted a survey which would cause all parties concerned as little interruption and hassle as possible. Taking up the precious time of individuals to complete questionnaires can either be seen as beneficial or an absolute nuisance, so an efficient system was imperative.

I had previously been involved with administering a 360 questionnaire in house and this can be a huge distraction from ensuring the maximum value gained for my client can be delivered. I wanted to eliminate that issue.”

We provided a fully managed 360 degree feedback service and worked with DMM to develop a tailored questionnaire and reporting diagnostic. As we managed the entire process , DMM were able to focus on content and client development which put them in the ideal position to achieve their stated goals.

Because this project was part of a wider service offered by DMM, it was important that the questionnaire and report felt uniquely theirs. We were able to provide a fully custom solution, branded to DMM’s specification to ensure the final product looked and felt like a bespoke questionnaire fitting neatly into DMM’s services.

The Benefits

HR consultants often have a clear view of what they are trying to achieve. This often makes for really fruitful, collaborative relationships as both parties have shared expertise. It also provides an opportunity for our consultants to add the real value of their 360 feedback expertise when designing solutions.

The combination of DMM’s clear understanding of their needs and our technical and research expertise, lead to the creation of an effective questionnaire able to meet DMM’s requirement for good funneling questions to get to the core of the issue.

 I have been extremely pleased with the look of the Questionnaire and the generated Report.  The administration is run very professionally which then has a knock on effect to me when I am feeding back the results to my client. “

DMM also reported hugely positive results from their clients, particularly in relation to their stated goal to allow clients to use the feedback to understand their interaction with colleagues, subordinates and superiors.

“The candidates who had a 360 carried out on them have been able to openly discuss their development needs with their Employer without getting defensive. The results speak for themselves.”

We were able to delivered a unique, custom-branded solution that achieved all of DMMs stated goals well within the allotted time frame, this achieving success in a variety of areas, including:

  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Listening to the client’s needs
  • Finding a way to achieve what the client needs
  • Good human relationship and communication skills, and a general keen interest in the after sales service as well as just the sale.

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